Thule outride 561

I do use Thule Products for quit a while now (about 10 years at least), I was ever a very satisfied costumer , I do recomend Thule bike supports for anybody how asks  me. Today I use an thule outride 561 on my car which I was sure is the best.

As I know about the great reputation from Thule on safty I ever used them , and as big was my surpise of the following incident.

I was going to spend a week at the beach while training for my 70.3. therefore my specialized bike was on the top of our car, fixed to the thule. when I suddenly heard i big noise coming for m the top, I could see inn the mirror my bike mouving, the rear road was loose and the rear part of the bike was swing loose.  Hitting my car when I saw this I braked and the bike swang  forward and than lost complitely the connection to the thule , it fall down on the road , all that at about 80 KM/h….

Actually we were very very lucky, as the freeway was complitely empty no cars at all, the bike hit the asphalt  and that it. I do’n’t want to imagine if there would be any car behind us … a carbon bike hitting in car could have created big damage  and even could have injuired or killed someone…   But luckely only material damage… 

So what happend:
The rear part of the outrage 561 has a plastic tape which fix the rear wheel of the bike, the part is in itself fixed with a kind of metal clip..


As this part did strech (open a bit) the  tape opend and the rear part of the bike swang loose.  As I hit the brakes the generated force to the bike freed it complitely, hitting my car…


– XLab carbonwing and Gorilla Cages 250 US $

– Shifters  375 US$

– Bike seat 200 U$.

As a lot of small things which could be solved in a full revison of the bike itself…


– The car demages shown above which till now I do not have a idea of reparing costs….

– The Thule support 

As as well the loss of confidence to  my thule support….

Today I am in contact with Thule to understand what happend , and thule is till now very willing to help… Lets see how this will end I will keep you posted…

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